Bow to TOBO

I’d like to put my hand up for the manliest man award.  Not only did I change a tyre on my car today, I also built some furniture.  Ok, “built” might be taking things a bit too far given that it came flat-packed from IKEA.  Nonetheless, I screwed things, I hammered things, so to me it felt like building.  In any event, this is all irrelevant, because I’m here to preach the virtues of what I built, not how I built it.

TOBO, my beastly new TV unit, is a proud addition to my IKEA collection and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reasonable sized cabinet for a televison and consoles.  He will proudly hold a 46″ LCD, PS3, Wii and a small collection of discs, and that’s without making use of his two generous drawers.  TOBO is a shining example of IKEA’s much improved design, both in terms of aesthetic and ease of assembly.  TOBO, I salute you.

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