Apple Support FTW!

I just wanted to give a shout out to Apple customer support. My Macbook Pro recently started powering off without warning while the OS was still reporting 30-50% battery remaining. As it’s still under an extended warranty through David Jones (i.e. not Apple care), it went to The Mac Doctors for an appraisal. They reported it was a battery fault, which understandably, my extended warranty doesn’t cover. The Mac Doctors also asked Apple if they’d come to the party and replace it for me, given that the battery had only cycled 59 times (apparently after 250 cycles is when you should expect your battery to be dead) and it wasn’t a straight forward case of not holding charge. Apple declined to come to the party when asked by The Mac Doctors, however The Mac Doctors advised me to call Apple personally and explain myself. Taking their advice, I called Apple. After a brief conversation with a general support guy, I was put on hold for a bit (not too long) before I was forwarded to a product specialist. After confirming some details about the battery, as well as explaining that I’d installed any updates from Apple, the product specialist informed me that my battery was prone to failure more often than it should. He then went on to say that becuase I updated regularly, the only explanation was a somewhat known hardware failure, which meant Apple would replace the battery for me.

In addition to the excellent outcome, both of the support guys I spoke to were very professional, polite and patient. As well as Apple support being excellent, The Mac Doctors must also be given “mad props” for going to the trouble of asking Apple to cover the battery, and then advising me to talk to them myself. So to everyone involved, thank you muchly, and well done.

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