Google Chrome on Windows 7 RC1

This is just a quick post for anyone having difficulties getting Chrome to run on Windows 7 RC1. After installing Chrome, as soon as I tried to load a page it would either do nothing, or show me an “Aw Snap” page telling me something had gone wrong. As a result, the browser was completely useless. A quick search revealed that users can subscribe to one of three different Chrome channels. These channels are basically the three main builds of Chrome at a given time, which are: stable, beta, and dev. The quick solution to my problem was to switch over to the beta channel, which immediately fixed my problem. As proof, I’m currently writing this post using Chrome =D. Given that Windows 7 is still only at RC1, it’s not surprising that the stable build of Chrome doesn’t work with it (at least not for everyone).

As a side note, you should definitely check out Chrome Experiments to see some of the funky stuff people have done in browsers. The examples I’ve looked at also work in Firefox, so don’t worry if you don’t have Chrome installed.

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